Bleeding The Day After Sex

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Hi, I'm reading these articles because after a DNC that was suppose to stop the bleeding that I had from hormonal implants. It's been 10 months since I stop those hormonal implants and now I have break through bleeding again. Vaginal bleeding during sex is sometimes NBD, but other times it can be a sign of a health problem, like an infection or gynecological cancer. I recently had sex for the second time and it hurt alot. The next day i noticed that everytime i would urinate I would get a pain in my abdomin or vaginal area right after urinating. I really didn't.

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Dzy I understand your concern. I was raped by my xhusband 2 years ago and him being quite large hurt me but I blocked it out till just recently. Most couples can engage in sexual intercourse throughout pregnancy up until delivery day. To make a Bleeding The Day After Sex story short I came home and this was the first sight I found to help me understand what could possible be wrong.

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