How satisfied are you with this response? Thanks for marking this as the answer. You can find that here: How To Receive Warranty Service. Have you installed all the drivers after upgrading to Windows My soundcard responds to app-settings for example changing samplerate but no sound. You cannot reply to threads in this forum.

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I have the same question You cannot reply to threads in this forum. Added kHz support to E-MU Windows 10 has so many issues at the moment regardless of my audio I think I’m going back to 7 as well. How satisfied are you with this response? I’m not particularly PC-savvy, so any help explained in simple terms would be most welcome.

New temporary session and session saving behavior. But once you figure out how to configure it everything is working perfectly!! If you have experienced a fault in any audio application, you should reboot Windows before applying this update Exit all applications before installing these updates Installation of Application and Driver can be done in any order This installer will automatically uninstall any older versions of software before installing new version.


I just read the specs, and on paper this wibdows like a good choice. But as I saiid before, is not so hard to figure out how the automatic configuration changes your setings and after you solve this problem everything is super Ok.

Alex 4 people were helped by this reply. Posted on Tue, Apr 27 You cannot post new threads in this forum. If you are installing this package on a system where you did not previously install Digital Audio System software, you must also install the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, which is available at http: Hi, Thank you for posting your query at Microsoft community.

AndrewFripp Replied on July 10, You may also run the in-built troubleshooter and check if it helps.

Creative Worldwide Support > E-MU M PCI

This greatly shortens PatchMix launch time on startup. End of Service Life. I actually seen that driver issue you’re talking about prior to posting this.

When you install the Digital Audio System drivers, you will see a dialog box informing you either that the driver has not been certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQLor that the driver is signed by Creative Labs, Inc, and you will be asked if you would like to continue with the installation.


This Driver Package can either fully install Digital Audio System device drivers, or it can update an existing installation. My soundcard responds to app-settings for example changing samplerate but no sound.

They work flawless in windows 7. The only thing I can think of is try downloading the Windows 8. The Digital Audio System drivers are not signed because the driver does not support some of the consumer audio features that the Microsoft driver signing program requires, most notably Digital Rights Management.


This is great news. JeroenMooijman Replied on August 7, That seems kind 12112m odd and behind the curve and was mainly why I was asking about it here.

I think I will buy one and give it a try.

E-mu E-DSP soundcard problem after installing Windows 10

I use a Emu with Windows 10 professionell 64 bit. Thanks, Rohit, for your response.

Posted on Mon, Apr 26 Please let us know how it goes.