Once the system has detected that the fan speed is lower than the low limit value, system will shutdown automatically. How To Get Technical Support Also please make sure you have the latest drivers from your peripheral cards makers! Install Audio Driver Appendix C. Finally you can adjust the Northbridge voltage from 1. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Motherboards Previous page Next page.

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We suggest that you connect the IDE cable before you mount the board, since the connector falls under the hard drives in many case designs and is difficult to reach after the board is screwed down. Features and Layout Foxconn A Xbit print the manual completely, please, download it.

Abit has included their typical wide selection of voltages and frequencies to get the most from the AG8 and the Pentium 4 Prescott. Please install this Intel Chipset driver first after having installed the Windows operating system.

Start power on sequence 8.

ABIT AG8 Mainboard

Motherboards Previous page Next page. We generally like the idea of edge connectors, but some case designs make it very difficult to connect the edge-connectors.

You must press the Power button to power-on the system. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.


BIOS Setup POST Code in address 80h to find out where the problem lies. As far as overclocking features go on they really are second to qbit.

While the 3rd Eye doesn’t look bad and does serve a good purpose it does feel a little cheap and like we mentioned on the previous page the lack of back light is quite disappointing as it would of made reading the networrk at night or in low light a lot easier. As8 series intel pentium 4 system board socket 80 pages. Pin shorted default: When opening the box up you are greeted with a very familiar looking set of white boxes.

ABIT AA8 and AG8 – Intel Socket 775 in Style

POST Description hex 8. Log in Don’t have an account? Connects to Local Area Network. Also on the box you may notice the UGURU sticker on the left; this is an excellent packaged designed by ABIT to give you aibt of features within Windows from temperature monitoring to overclocking features.

Pci Express X16 Slot Chapter 2 Read on for an in-depth look at the AG8’s features and performance.


CPU, north bridge, and system fans. A few blue or green LEDs within the clock would make a world of difference and really take it to the next level. You can certainly see the networrk resemblance to the Abit AA8 DuraMAX, which is one of the better performing X motherboards – and that is a good thing.


When set to [Yes], this item allows zbit to run some older operating system without floppy disk drive. Leave this item to its default [Disabled] setting if you are not using this Japanese standard floppy drive.

ABIT AA8 and AG8 – Intel Socket in Style

Connects to external modem, mouse or other devices that support this communication protocol. This item displays the processor speed of the CPU installed on this motherboard. Set CMOS century to 20h or 19h 4.

These items set the high and low voltage limit. CMOS before you can start up the system. Al8 series intel pentium 4 system board socket 88 pages. The installation for USB 2. Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring.