You can find replacement chips with newer firmware for a reasonable price on Ebay. Any tips on finding the 2. If the two above options fail your modem is probably not going to work. Directly into a laptop. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. See my video below for what this sequence looks like. Next, you need to confirm that the panel software revision meets the level required to support internet downloading.

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Hi, I need to program a Honeywell Vista 48LA panel and dont have the alphanumeric keyboard, just the standard keyboard. The link to install guide is in section via.

After installing compass 2. It would be great if the security boards had a RS port, an adapter to program through the ECP bus, or a way to program locally without alarm-net through the on-board Ethernet port on the VistaiP model but these panels have been around for decades and are going no where fast. See my video below for what this sequence looks like.

My first post here, but not really new to the alarm world. Please note that if you flash your firmware AFTER configuring the device then you will need to go save your settings again, or manually enable it as described below. Lukewarm water from drain valve.

Ademco: Ademco Cia

It’s a fairly simple process to swap the chip aedmco your panel if the revision doesn’t meet the minimum requirement. I cant wait to read far more from you.


You make it entertaining and you asemco care for to keep it wise. Below is a search that will find just the file I found. The next screen you will see is this, it is the main screen of the compass software. This is actually a tremendous site.

I needed to use the Honeywell Compass software because I need to use 3 custom zone types and you can only program 2 from the keypad on my panel model.

Once the account is created ademcp click on it from the account list. I did not have that much luck finding the update file, the best bet would be to get it from someone or find an older version of the download document. The following issues should be checked in the order they’re presented, though the incorrect CSID is probably the most common issue.

New to Compass….need help

Now when I try to h I have the same issue which has leads ademvo to beleive it is a issue with the new compass software. What is the difference in connecting them? Posted 39 minutes ago Be the first to answer. Any tips on finding the 2. The first thing you need to check is the model of the panel.

All of our devices are currently supported by the AlarmDecoder Modem. The panel and revision need to be set. I there any where you know of where we can get the original compass software.


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If you don’t know the model off-hand it’s usually found on the panel circuit board, either as a sticker or printed directly on the board, and is normally a part of a larger identifier.

Thanks for the help! While it’s possible you could make things work without knowing the installer code for your panel, there are a number of things that may need to be changed in the panel programming. You can leave most fields blank here, make sure the Account number is 4 kodem. The modem needs to support the old Bell communication format. I’m used to doing Bosch Radionics panels, and I know with these panels, I can come from a comm port on my laptop With some creative searching I was able to find an older version upgrade path that is hosted on the same site as all the other files.

If attempting to use USB to serial converters be aware that the results have been inconsistant. There is were you activate the connection to the panel.

To make edits to a panels configuration or even connect to a modrm you need to create a customer account for that panel. Click the connect button.