However the README file that comes with it requires that one rebuild the driver from scratch using the kernel source code. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. No external power source needed. May 12th, 2. Reboot and you should have a fully working Ethernet adapter.

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March 22nd, 6. A search on Google: It’s using the asix driver that came with it. Without this file, the driver compilation will fail and encounter hundreds of errors all throuhout the souces.

Howto: ASIX USB Ethernet Adapter on Ubuntu Linux – Plugable

The hardest part was in fact getting the Linux source code required, because the repositores contained the source for the wrong kernel version. Select all This file describes the network interfaces available on your system and how to activate them.

No external power source or USB hub needed.


While it is advertised as USB 2. It’s plug and play under linux and it’s easy to install the driver in Windows 7. Works out of box very stable with asix kernel driver on latest raspbian 3.

It looks like many of these are sold through eBay. Linux kernel versions from 2.

Doesn’t seem to wsix any extra power supply. As a workaround, doubling the socket buffer size will prevent the kernel oops: This file was located in different directory according to your kernel version: Cable Matters USB 3. New USB device strings: This adapter works, but it probably requires a bit of work.

Works out of the box. TP1-TP2 voltage measured solid at 4. With that driver the device is detected, but it does not seem to be possible to actually put any traffic through it.

RPi USB Ethernet adapters

May 12th, 2. Thank you very very much.

I just can’t do an ” ifconfig ” that shows it’s IP address. Bus Device AX I bought this because some reviews at newegg, http: But it won’t do a thing for any of my computers. The Belkin costs less and I’m tired of waiting for replacements in the mail from Cisco.


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Works out linuc the box without any setup. Check the necessary header file “usbnet. Screens – Cases – Other Peripherals Keyboard, mouse, hub, wifi Works without a powered hub or when plugged into an unpowered hub on a Model “A” Pi. Works very well on a Raspberry Pi 2 running Raspbian AX chipset using the asix kernel driver.

I would caution anyone against buying the Cisco adapter.