This cut the boot time by about 30 seconds, but the boot time still remained in the 2 minute range. Just to be sure it wasn’t a bad board, I tried a second A7V board, which exhibited the same slow boot behavior. Thanks in advance for the help All times are GMT There are a few design goof-ups in my opinion, but overall, the A7V is a good socket-A motherboard. It’s got an additional power board mounted at right angles to the mainboard, which you can see in the picture below. This can be helpful when overclocking the AGP slot, for example.

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It also sports an AGP-Pro slot. Asus A7V Motherboard mini review Dr. Shutdown times were another story altogether. But Asus added the ability to change the multiplier right on the motherboard.

Asis are a few design goof-ups in my opinion, but overall, the A7V is a good socket-A motherboard.

It sounds as though it is awus either through bios or a jumper, but looking over the manual quickly, I don’t see it. This is the longest boot time we have ever recorded for an IDE motherboard. When I review motherboards, I don’t spend much time doing benchmarks, because the benchmarks between motherboards are usually very close.

I tested the A7V revision 1. The reason it is so bad, is that there is no jumper! If you are still having the issue, maybe just try right clicking on the USB device and “uninstall” then boot a couple of times, see what it does.


Joined Jul Age 40 Posts 5. I can’t find it, I’ll look better tomorrow and let you know I recommned at least the sub higher pref.

Asus A7V (Socket A) Overview – CNET

I used the Detonator-2 5. There are a hoop of BIOSes here As motherboards go, asuw A7V is a well rounded product. While booting off of an ATA66 drive with Windows 98SE installed, and without any ATA drives attached, the cold boot time varied between 2 minutes 20 seconds and 2 minutes 40 seconds! Sounds like a Raid controller bios is loaded into your system.

Can you find that option to disable it? If you do not have drives that are ie-they are 66 then it does not load it. This alarm can be disabled in the BIOS, but the warning alarm should have been pre-set above 3.

Up to 7 USB Ports max.

Suspicious Activity Detected

Overclockers want an easy and quick method of clearing the CMOS, if necessary, and don’t want to hunt around for a bent piece of metal I used tweezers.

If everything works, maybe just try removing it and anything you see ashs in “hidden” view like it in Safe Mode. But on the A7V, when I moved the jumper from it’s normal position at 3. The long boot time can be frustrating while setting up a system, where frequent reboots are necessary. We were able to run the MHz T-bird at 9.


It’s an arrangement we think needs reworking. It’s not only a pain, it is difficult and downright irritating. One slip with a pliers while trying to hook the spring clip on the catch, and you could gouge the awus surface. Thanks, I did tried unistalling the drivers and rebooting but the new hardware wizards just come up everytime and say there was an error installing the drivers for “USB Device” and when I go to device manager everything is back to the way it was The A7V is a full-sized ATX motherboard, so make sure 7av case you are using will take a full-size board.

The board has the 5 PCI plus 1 audio a7c riser configuration of peripheral slots, rather than the preferred 6 PCI slot layout.

PS-if you do have ATA drives then there is a problem if they are not being detected. Results 1 to 14 of The only problem is, they did not put the options in the BIOS setup.