Ultra soft turn on reduces in-rush current to a minimum. Get in touch Email: I have to check some old pics of my basement finishing to see what else is on the circuits. DS, That’s what I was thinking. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I also use the Parasound A21 and A Page 1 of 8.

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All of the subs have separate amps.

All matched to within 1db. Note – they run hot no surprise so make sure you’ve got plenty of ventilation. The bass power is strong with this one, but never as hard hitting as the 2 channel version, which will be a blessing for some, while bass head bangers will be missing it. Originally Posted by fatbottom. The amp had more than ample muscle to faithfully playback even the most dynamic passages of the Dovrak symphony, without any hint of struggling to keep up, like most amplifier of lesser Watts.

AT Multi Channel Amp – rear view. From the first song onward, Agi felt the ATI Signature was a much more refined beast, compared to the unit tested earlier.


Fly screen x mm

The design uses current feedback instead of the more common voltage feedback. When I said they were hot i meant that they get very warm to the touch but not truly hot. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.

I should have the necessary outlets installed in the next few days. I’m also feeding both amps full power as recommended.

I pray to god that it sounds good too! My setup sounds every bit as excellent as theirs, but I saved thousands on amplification. You should be good to go but you need to ensure your outlets have 20 amp sockets as the plugs are different between 15 and 20 amp recepticals.

I also use the Parasound A21 and A I have speakers that love current and a large, dead room so i need to step on the gas pedal even though i mostly listen well below reference. I’m 6 months out from back surgery, and I hope this amp did not just re-herniate my disc. They need empty rack space above for cooling. Last edited by Perfectionist2; at It also says that the must be plugged into separate 15 amp circuits.

I plan to hook up the amp for the 7 main channels, and use the Denon for the heights 7.


I bought the from Steve at Sound Video. But even the “cheapest” model is “only” W.

ATI RADEON X600 – graphics card – Radeon X600 – 128 MB

I reviewed about the ATI Signature power amp just a few months ago. Anyone know of this. The ATI rocks and does not get warm.

If there series is anything like there series you can’t loose. Originally Posted by Kensmith I just moved into a house where I am getting ready to do my dream HT build. The only thing I can complain is perhaps the price? Any feedback greatly appreciated!

FG Wilson ATI Transfer Panels

Originally Posted by Stereojeff. Also I wonder with modules right against each other increases each other. From what I have heard the 2xxx 600d is essentially the same as what Outlaw sells.

I have it driving my Dali Epicon 6’s and Vokel.