The lack of MSAA was a disadvantage however Max Payne was a tad stuttery at higher resolutions but what do you expect from a card in this class with no vertex and pixel shader support that Max craves. It supports multitexturing and rendering of 3 textures per pixel in each of it’s 2 rendering pipelines. If we were to slowly increase CPU speed at x and re-run the test, we’d eventually hit a plateau of performance where the number never increased. If I set the monitor display to full, fonts are fine, but the screen only fills the middle of the monitor and both sides are black.

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I just saw the other post.

IC-PBXGG-BA ATI Radeon 7500 64MB Graphics Card PCI

Last edited by Gamecollector on The overclocking potential seems amazing too. Pc this case all I received was the card and cables for both andall packed tight in the retail box and no software was provided. I was able to increase the core clock slightly higher however before rendering errors kicked in or I experienced crashes.

Again, keep in mind the test platform and operating system. Thankfully it is now working since I changed to the correct resolution. Need DVI for your new flat panel? It is very quirky but it can look nice if you can find settings that work well with pcci particular game.


For 3DMark we did a default bench with everything as standard. Combined the features can be turned on or off individually in the driver they give a speed up on the card.

For benchmarking Unreal Tournament we used the same resolutions and the Thunder demo from Reverend.

ATI Radeon 64 MB PCI Video driver problem – Tech Support Forum

Fillrate is really being tested at these higher resolutions as the card is required to shift more and more data around. Is there some other application, like casino gaming, that require this card? Quite impressive for 4ns memory without any active or passive cooling of any kind whatsoever.

I have to do everything trial and error. I removed the drivers using the control panel in Windows XP, turned off the computer, removed the and installed thebooted the machine and ran the driver installation program.

All the fonts are jagged. Ahi 98 is a faster operating system for 3DMark scores. Click to find out more.

I run no case fans in the board half of my YY Cube so there was little to no moving air around the card. That’s an excellent price for the feature set and performance you are given.

ATI Radeon 64mb PCI Video Card ccs | eBay

Normally I wouldn’t think much of it until I saw how many units this guy has sold – more than 1, It sounds like the advertised “” card is really a “” card then? I guess persistence pays off. The 3 tests radson us a broad look at the card performance using 2 DirectX benchmarks and an OpenGL benchmark. I’m not entirely sure whether PS1.


I thought I tried atii resolution, but I just set the resolution to x and all the fonts look great. While I had some problems getting the R to work properly, installing the after the was easy.

First off we have radeoh Charisma Engine. At that point the CPU is feeding the card data faster than it can process and only increasing the card clocks will increase performance. What was the best tech product of ?

It took me a little while to figure out exactly what made the core. Anything special about the ATI Radeon ? I have tried all resolutions but the fonts are jagged on all of them. And yes, you can’t say “these cards are updated Radeon “