Graphics Commands 1B 59 etc. Page Appendix B: To return to normal printer operation either the operator must turn the power off and then on to reboot or the application must send a command to cancel download mode and reboot. Software Hardware Rental Applications. Press the Paper Feed button to print the sample receipt or the character sets whichever was selected.

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If this command was previously enabled, status will still be returned. This sequence is apoz except when the printer is busy due to an error condition.

Undefined Undefined Not used. Receipt Printer Rolls 1. This indicates a serious problem with the printer electronics. Horizontal offset and number of data bytes are variable and specified by parameters. Here is the description of all the lines that you can read when you print a self-test.

Information about the test is available to the communication interface through the commands. It is possible to obtain different groups of spare parts kits. Level adiohm Diagnostics although the printer still receives power, this is sufficient for changing the DIP switches The settings can only be changed when the printer is in level 1 diagnostics setup mode: When x or y is set to 0, the default axionm for that motion unit is used. When the starting position is set to the upper left or lower right of the printing area, the vertical motion unit y is used.


The start address of each command should be greater than the start address of the preceding download command. Exceptions When n is out of the specified range, the command is ignored. FDE Issue A 4.

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Flash memory allocated for logos or user defined fonts. An application must use this command to store userdefined characters in flash memory.

The printer is reset to the standard print mode after a Clear Printer 10 command is received.

Both 2011 perform the same function. The printer is reset to singlewide mode after a line has been printed or the Clear Printer 10 command is received.

The existing software needs no modification and is ready to use.

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Choose an energy level no higher than necessary to achieve a dark printout. Page of Go. Print settings that are normally preserved from line to line, such as character height and width, are still preserved with this operand. However, when character orientation changes in 90degree clockwise-rotation mode, the relationship between vertical and horizontal directions is reversed.


Graphics Commands 1B 59 etc. Indicates the maximum temperature in C degrees reached by the print head. If the logo is saved to flash see command 1D 22 nand if there is already a different definition in flash memory for logo n, the first is inactivated and the new definition is used. The printer receives power when the power supply is on even if the printer is off-line.

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Defines and enters downloaded characters into RAM. A font download is unsuccessful when: If you are not using cables supplied by Axiohm for this purpose, please ensure that your cables match the printer and are rated at the appropriate voltage and current capacities.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Use any household cleaner designed for plastics, but test it first on a small unseen area.