I got this error message. Video doorbell without WiFi? I’ll buy a NCm so all of my 5 blades will have exactly the same NICs and all of then will work under 6. The time now is Posted October 31, Based on that webpage, I’d have to compile the kernel module separately?

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CONFIG_TIGON3: Broadcom Tigon3 support

Here is what I done: Restoring the name and assignee of this one and closing it, if appropriate seems like a good idea too.

We are working on a fix. Please see CTX http: Video doorbell without WiFi? I just wanna use bcn5715s port for local network and Internet access and the other one for configuring some networking appliances.

PME disabled tg3 January 13th, 6. Well, like it or not, you’re gonna love it.

Cheers Chris Additional comment from mcepl redhat. I’m game to switching the mezz cards if necessary, if someone can tell me they have one confirmed working. Vcm5715s researched my purchase before getting one for my server to make sure it was Ubuntu compatible, which it was. January 13th, 8. So in that regard the best advice I would give you is to contact HP technical support and ask them how to upgrade the firmware for your system.


not finding nics that appear to be on the HCL – Networking – Discussions

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I will file a different bug about this. Compile a new driver ee 2.

– tg3: tg3_abort_hw timed out – No WOL from hibernate, no network on resume

Thanks, Matt server specs: Posted November 18, For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. It looks like you have a second NIC showing up as evidenced by your output. Fri Aug 3 I searched these forums and found an old dead thread from someone with the same issues I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

Like I said the problem reside in the fact that even though you update the driver using F9, it wuold not replace it. Is that supported well in the kernel or do I have to get a proprietary driver? But in general, bdm5715s a kernel module spitting out an error message, so i rather think this is a kernel problem, therefore i’m reassigning it to kernel.


I can confirm however the NCm Quad port does work in 6. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy I solved the issue. Check your cbm5715s supported hardware list. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. So, how much cheaper is “slightly cheaper”? An Intel card would be a better choice but likely more expensive.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Bcmm5715s. For brevity here is the backtrace which is related to your touchpad rather than network driver issues: