If the continue key is not pressed the counter will not reset. Paper size – the longer the paper, the longer it will take to scan Paper orientation – documents take longer when scanned in portrait mode; today, many software applications like VRS can be configured to rotate the image as the document is scanned so that they can be scanned long-edge first while displayed on the screen correctly Resolution, rated in dots per inch dpi – The higher the dpi setting, the longer it takes to scan any given page. Your choice should depend on the transmission speed you need Kofax. Contact your scanning application software vendor for system requirements, since the application software drives the system requirement piece, not the scanner. It should take about 15 minutes to install the scanner.

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Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages per minute PPM include: This flatbed scanner comes with a wonderful capability for scanning film and plain paper in black and white, so you can create digital files with high-quality easily and efficiently for storage or processing.

When you’re ready to connect your application software to Spectrum, you will need to choose the appropriate scanner driver based on what toolkit your software was written with. Use the setup procedure below to adjust for the maximum size hole that may appear in the leading or trailing edge of spectrym documents:.

When the scanner transport is opened, a safety interlock removes power from the transport motor before any hazardous parts are accessible. Set Brightness for White Saturation When scanning documents in color mode with white backgrounds, like standard office-use paper hoaell to as “bond”you’ll want to set VRS to retain a bright uniform white, also known as saturated white, in your images instead of what may appear to be an off-white or a light gray.


Got it, continue to print.

Undo the straps and lift the box off of the scanner. The lamps may be very HOT. Troubleshooting This section contains troubleshooting information regarding scanner components. A similar formula can be used for lamp replacement — just check on whether each lamp needs to be purchased and replaced separately or as part of an assembly. Contrary to popular belief, List Price or MSRP manufacturer’s suggested retail price is only the starting point for determining your true scanner cost.

Remove the scanner accessories from the cutouts in the packaging inserts. Feeder Sensor Location 6.


We recommend that the Multifeeds are handled at the scanner and in the VRS preview window to avoid having bbowe open the application and having to rescan after the batch is completed.

The Separator roller sleeve is rated to last six months, assuming 6, pages per day. Place the roller assemblies back in to the lower housing.

Segregation, culling, or selection of property for the purpose of effecting partial or incremental removals will not be permitted except as specifically authorized and prescribed by Bentley’s. Power up the PC scan station and log in.


Buyer specifically releases Auctioneer, its agents and representatives from all liability thereof. To select doc prep, follow the directions below:. You must select the Interactive settings for the blue box to appear.

They should be rotated every so often so that they wear evenly. But a better method, is to ignore the multifeed by length.

The transport will run at the speed set by the last host scan. Will the skimmer weight copiscann the old style skimmer fit on the new style skimmer?

Bowe Bell Howell Copiscan Plus Flatbed Scanner | eBay

Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 6. Thus, the following items are important in order to calculate the ongoing costs of scanning: When using color dropout can I set the front and back camera separately? The glass flat will slightly lift away from the metal tray for you to grasp it. This allows each color image to be compressed at the rated speed of the scanner according to the step above.

This copscan does not necessarily promote the use of such cleaners, only cautions the user to their effects. This method requires users to guess the maximum thickness of documents being scanned.

Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

If the continue key is not pressed the counter will not reset. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 2. Operational Overview Figure 1.