Again, the repeated “This”. Xr sysctl 8 variables are read-only: Aug 18 , 8: Set the number of RX queues. Changed to “the size of the aggregation ring plus four times the size of the receive ring”. You probably didn’t mean to comment out cxgb. Xr sysctl 8 variables can be changed at any time:

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Please describe when the random value is generated – boot time? Shouldn’t have been part of the patch. I’m not sure how to test it though Heh, I was getting errors in my universe builds from it at one point then I forgot I had commented it out.

Netgear FA310TX rev D2

Please remember to update. I’d actually like to have a ‘devctl reset’ command, but I’m far less certain of how that should work for a device for which a driver is bcm522. More cxgb problems – sorry guys. Under what situation would this ever be written? If not, a system reboot would likely be required. New sentence to new line.


MII Hardware Supported by NetBSD

This revision is now accepted and ready to land. No Unit Test Coverage. Same here – probably not intended. Better to replace the second one with something more definite, like “The value is a comma The minimum a driver is written against may be missing features provided in later API updates.

man page for bmtphy (all section 4)

Cm misused for it Quoted value is probably better with markup, although it is too early in the morning to think which would be best. Also, new sentence to new line, and “This sysctl” is redundant:. Again, the repeated “This”. Version related information about the device and firmware: Why do you hate cxgb? Alternatively, I could remove this sysctl. Enable buffering rather than dropping frames when there are no available.

Adding this in a future patch would be nice “real” RSS support would be nice. Also, new sentence to new line, and “This sysctl” is redundant: I don’t see anything that I’d regard as a blocking issue though. Aug 202: I’m entirely unqualified to comment on the actual driver, but I can nit-pick on some of the surrounding infrastructure. Xr sysctl 8 variables can be changed at any time: Xr iflib 9 framework, and may be better documented there. These are provided by the.


The output does not label them, it’s just a simple comma separated list. Log In to Comment. Aug 188: A few general comments: