An all titanium body was chosen to provide an alternative price point and most likely sound when compared to the FT Callaway X Tour 8. You still have the option of other aftermarket shafts from virtually every company out there but these Fujikura shafts should provide plenty of power and control for the everyday golfer. Far and away the X tour is the best I have used in many years. Played my X today for the first time. It is not just when I hit a ball though it is all the time as if something is broken off inside the club head. The X does have a new sole dubbed the Consistent Alignment Sole.

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Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Played my X today for the first time. I recently picked up a 9 degree stiff shaft x All single pieces drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, single irons, wedges, putters.

This keeps a similar look and feel with previous Big Bertha models for those golfers looking for a replacement or upgrade to their old driver. Your email address will not be published. Callaway X Driver Refine Results. I can really lean on it and have found it to be forgiving.


However it works for me. It is simply amazing.

Luckily the Fujikura Nope,no rattle i mine. I just bought the Tour 9. Starting with the original Big Bertha, Callaway caalway always been associated with quality, high-performance drivers.

Tried this and the Ping G5. So what could Callaway possibly do to improve on the already popular and, more importantly, does the X pass the grade? I recently purchased the X 10 degree with stiff shaft, which may have been a mistake. I tried most drivers out before choosing this one, and since making the move i have lowered my handicap by 10 stokes mainly because my drives no go straight.

Callaway X Graphite Driver

I think Calloway is misleading the public by stating that their Tour X sets up properly due to sole configuration. When I use Taylermade drivers, they work well. I tested the x out today at a little play in Massachusetts. Callaway black with silver grip in very good condition. I can feel more of the vibrations through impact and this extra feedback is welcome most of the time.

So far, the club has delivered mostly straight shots, but dissapointing distance. ITs a great deal compared to others.


Callaway X Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – reviews –

But as a beginer I can say it drives best. Like you, mine also sets up closed and I have to readjust it every time before teeing off.

I alreday have the matching 3 wood. Callaway X 10d Driver. The small chevron on top of the crown is a Callaway signature and I like it. I have the X driver and enjoy it immensely.

Callaway X460 Graphite Driver

Fifth … TING … Nearly every company has rushed to the cc limit, although Titleist took their time getting the R out. The all titanium body quickly reminded my ears of how loud other drivers can be compared to what Callaway was used to.

Now I hit the ball consistently straight and just as well as with Taylormade R7 or Cobra Speed drivers. Recommended to buy this club by my golf teacher.