FREQ Hz Storage and handling when the packing seal has been opened The function of the jumper plug JP1 is to help prevent the consumption of the batteries. It does not store the image data from the usage of the memory copy function. This is the primary cause of problems during removal and insertion of the cassette. Is the trouble resolved when the car- YES End 2 tridge is replaced? Always store in the storage bag.

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Is it properly connected?

The data this battery protects are the image data from transmitting and receiving faxes. Work out the input value that corresponds to the measurement taken in step 5.

The reference bias is applied when the start key is pushed, and the voltage level compensated. Canon Vp160 Black toner cartridges are ideal for companies that do volume colour printing. Is it nection normal?

Canon GP Toner Cartridge Black AAA –

No paper in one location: Regarding the Re-charge step In the transfer charging step, the transfer toner image on the paper adheres due pdl a positive charge from the back of the paper. It is preferable to use up the cartridge before the expiration date, because after that date the cartridge image quality deteriorates.

Features, specifications, operation methods, copying process.


Is the trouble resolved when the car- YES End 2 tridge is replaced? Do not insert the cassette while holding on to the cassette on one side only. When copying using the multi-feeder pick-up, memory copying will take place no matter what conditions are in effect.

Make a cqnon with the multifeeder YES Check the multifeeder pick-up.

Canon GP160

Ocl operating conditions for the copy mode and memory copy mode are described below. Hello Sign in Your Account. Fixing heater safety mechanism Setting the date and time User mode operation No.

Selects functions shown in the display. When the batteries have been completely used up dispose of them in an appropriate manner dispose them separately from normal garbage. If warm water is used to clean, the toner gels and soaks permanently into clothing making it then impossible to clean away the stain.

Canon GP160 PCL 5e Drivers for Windows 8 64 bit Download

The photosensitive drum will deteriorate if exposed to strong light. The feed roller is removed from gp60 cassette insertion opening and the separation roller is removed from the lower right side. In addition, the unit is equipped with one sensor to detect paper presence in the multi-feeder and one sensor to detect paper presence in the cassette.

The following is an example and explanation of what happens when you push 1 on the numeric keypad. Image processor PCB replacement procedures The procedures which must be performed when replacing the image processor PCB are described below. Image positioning adjustment 1 Make a test chart with marks every 1cm from the leading and left edges ocl the page, as shown in the figure below. The gp106 switches indicated on the display are as shown below.


Canon GP PCL 5e Drivers for Windows 8 64 bit – – DriversGuru

Is the paper size lever set to the proper position? Low-voltage power supply circuit Numeric parameter settings Function Selection range Deletion range of printed image when a long length image is received 0 to Leading edge margin 0 to Trailing edge margin 1 0 to Trailing edge margin 2 0 to Table [No.

Looking for Supplies in the UK? When the photo mode is selected, smoothing processing takes place. Therefore, the lowerst cassette feeder cannot be used as the first or second cassette feeder. Paper jams occur due to condensation of the pick-up and gp10 guides. Cartridge shelf life The shelf life of a cartridge is 2. YES Clean the separation static charge eliminator.