For compatibility of 3rd party applications, use the ACT forum. At the same time in the system log this happened: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The problem is I am now wary of doing another defrag. The Disk Safe assumes that the operating system will buffer writes and that a write request will return before data has actually been written to disk and that write operations will be reordered by the operating system.

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Let us know if you need more help. It’s also possible something like memory problems caused data to get corrupted in transit to the drives and one of them failing was pure coincidence.

SATA HDD failure after Defrag

Are yours like this? With the password, I did get a file that XP doesn,t recognize, the file is called: But it has to be the fault of the boot corruption defragmenter. Jackass JoeJoe, I dont get it? I have a Packard Bell easy note – any ideas?.

Not an IT pro? Hopefully with a working operating system I can make this work. Most of my files are also mkv but it also occured on iso files.

OMG: Massive disk corruption after defrag

Sat Sep 13, 7: Secondly, you can write and erase information to a hard drive for as many times as you wish, and do it faster than you can with a DVD. Still, it’d be pretty silly to write a virus that randomly corrupts data at the rate of 16KB per few TBs The hot corruptoin bay is a simple pass-through PCB: If there was a password for devragmenting file in the email you received, the installation program will prompt you for the password.


Monday, March 17, 6: I did a lot of reorganisation on deffagmenting PC recently, so I don’t know when the corruptions happened exactly. Oddly, I got a copy of system rescue cd recently – only to find the more recent recent versions of Gparted have all kinds of issues with ntfs.

Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

If it is feasible in your environment a weekly file system defrag would be optimal. The drives arent mirrored in a raid 5 array, they are stripped with distributed parity. The files that are corrupted were those cprruption were created since the last defrag. I freaked and rebooted it into windows skipping chkdisk. Post as a guest Name.

All my SATA ports and controllers are built-in to the motherboard I’m not using any external controller cards. Thirdly, with an external disk you can carry dozens and hundreds of various files. Do you know which Marvell chip is it exactly? The “Microsoft reserved partition” bit should come right before what you pasted.


Before any Disk Safe pages are altered, the original content of the Disk Safe pages are written to the journal file. I’m ordering a new, much smaller drive, so that I can install my window again.

Why not 4 GB?

If the computer hangs up when you open Properties tab of the external disk, you can launch disk check from the command prompt. If nothing works, I’m going to be buying myself another HDD and then praying that froom files on the other disk are recoverable.

All of my errors have been corruptioj mkv files so far. What else could we have in common? I want to do stuff, I thought you were defragmenting all night.

I even did a full system backup before trying to install SP1 and Vista DVD cannot even get to that to reimage my drive! I doubt it’s simply a filesystem issue, since the RAID card did give you a degraded drive error.