These superior machines offer the technology and features that modern riders want and need, and do it all at a price nobody can match. D drive mode is pretty buzzkill; it wants to get to sixth gear as soon as possible, and is reluctant to kick down except with a handful of throttle. But that fairing is a great choice for commuters on chilly mornings too—this is a bike that can really do it all. The braking system is comprised of a mm single disc up front and a mm disc at the rear. A taller accessory screen improves the CTX’s already good highway comfort. For a few years now, the auto industry has been offering paddle shift and dual clutches but the early systems were jerky and were forever hunting for the correct gear to match the engine speed.

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Honda makes no excuses cttx the CTX. New and returning riders will feel like heroes at the first twisty road they encounter. The non-adjustable suspension has more travel than your typical cruiser’s.

The short, fairing-top windscreen causes light buffeting at cx level, but otherwise provides good protection from the wind. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram pinterest youTube rss.

Honda CTX First Ride Review- Photos- Specs | Cycle World

It has made a concerted effort to offer a bike that will appeal to new riders but who were unsure of exactly where to begin. Cx is delivered through a six-speed gearbox to the rear wheel by chain drive. Sign In or Sign Up. Technically, it’s not really “half a Fit” engine, but the CTX’s laydown mill definitely borrows from Honda’s auto tech.


The two-cylinder format produces tons of low- and mid-range torque, and the degree-phase crank and uniaxial primary balancer make it smooth, too. Why all the talk about the NC? And a full range of Honda Genuine Accessories lets you set it up with saddlebags, backrests and just about any other touring- or comfort-related feature you could ever want.

In motion, the CTX has neutral steering, which is especially noticeable at slow, parking-lot speeds. So Honda is going down a route to actively try and A veteran of the auto industry, Tim also writes motorcycle travel books. It was at the Chicago International Motorcycle Show in February, Honda unveiled four versions of the CTX cfx its rubber-mounted, liquid-cooled cc parallel twin engine.

Honda twins are famous for their wide powerbands and fuel efficiency, and this engine is one of our best. Not all bikes cttx intended for a seasoned, possibly jaded, motorcyclist like you.

We dyno tested the NCX in our recent middleweight multi-tool shootout and measured a peak power output of It downshifts promptly, holds lower gears nicely, and runs the engine right 700s redline. How do we get the fence-straddlers, or even those who never even considered a motorcycle, into the fold?

Skip to main content. That lower seat rail makes the bike easy to mount and maneuver ctxx the seating position is more upright with forward pegs positioned in front of the pulled-back handlebars.

For a ftx years now, the auto industry has been offering paddle shift and dual clutches but the early systems were jerky and were forever hunting for the correct gear to match the engine speed. One answer was the NCX, a super-tame, amazingly efficient machine based on clever but inexpensive technologies. The CTXN adds a fairing, screen and optional panniers.


RideApart Review: Honda CTX700

The wide, well-cushioned seat is designed for light touring and all-day comfort. There is a small storage area on the top of the tank under a pop-up lid that is handy for a cell phone and wallet but it unlike the NCX, which stores some of the fuel under its seat, the CTX keeps it all in the tank. And that would be much better had this not been a press event where aggressive riding is par for the course.

The seat is broad and the cockpit roomy, meaning riders of various body types should find their comfort zone quickly and easily on dtx CTX. Honda also believes the clutch lever on motorcycles maybe coming to an end. Single mm hydraulic disc 1 piston caliper and sintered metal pads. Honda CTXEvery motorcycle manufacturer would like to sell more bikes.

If you want a more sporting ride you can also shift up and down with buttons mounted on the left side of the handlebars.

Plus, you get Anti-Lock Brakes for improved stopping in less than ideal conditions. Yet because the bikes carry that heft low, crx feel light coming off the sidestand and respond quickly to bar input once under way.

Best of all, you can get the CTX in two versions: