Soon enough, Diamond had pre-orders worked out with Electronics Boutique and offered to take pre-orders for the card on their page as well. At this speed, the card ran stably for hours – but this is on a cool night, in my very well ventilated case see how I made The Wind-Tunnel PC here. Video in, such as is provided by the V, is another matter again. Even at the current performance level, the TNT2 is no slouch. Big deal, I say; look at the price! I review them here. More features than most users need Dodgy drivers.

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Games that generate lots of textures on the fly, like Starsiege: In the computer world, the extreme complexity of the products and the cut-throat vipef to be first to market with hot new gear means that the best manufacturers aren’t the ones that put a working product on the market first, but the first to make their initially somewhat broken product work properly via patches, BIOS upgrades and driver updates.

The NVidia drivers actually have just about all of the features that the brand-name drivers have, although the brand-name versions may make some of them easier to use. Live remembers the video resolution and colour depth you set it to, but not the codec.

You can use three capture resolutions, the middle one of which is feasible at 25 frames per second with most codecs on a MHz or higher machine and the top one dianond which offers better-than-VHS resolution, although I doubt you’ll be able to capture more than 15 frames per second with any current hardware. Which makes it, in bang per buck terms, about twice as good value.

Dimaond the “gamma” of an image or of an image acquisition device gives you a way of brightening or darkening without losing as much detail as a straight brightness adjustment.

More features than most users need Dodgy drivers. Now you can call them from the Quake 2 console just like demo2; “map crusher.


File:Diamond Viper V Ultra Rev – Wikimedia Commons

So far, AGP’s fancy features have in fact been something of a bust; 16Mb of onboard storage is rather a lot, and has proved to be more than acceptable for the vast majority of gamers. Apparently, though, some older boards xgp work with 4X cards, so the V sets the mode manually.

When NVidia was spruiking the TNT, they claimed a lot of very exciting benchmark figures, which as it turned out the actual chipset couldn’t manage, simply because they couldn’t clock it high enough. Then again, you have to register PowerStrip or every now and then when you use it it resets some settings to the default. Motherboards that don’t support 4X, like, for example, everything currently available, should automatically use whatever speed they do support.

The TNT2 has quite a few features which the Voodoo 3 lacks, but which actually don’t make a huge amount of difference. Thank you for your patience. It’s the same exact computer.

Go to the Video menu option, set the mode you want, and set “sync every frame” to “no”. Even at the current performance level, the TNT2 is no slouch.

Diamond Viper V ATX AGP 32mb VGA Video Graphics Card # E | eBay

The Quake 2 results:. Can you get it to boot in safe mode?

The two more expensive boards have a heatsink-plus-fan cooler on the toasty-warm main TNT2 chip, and the ASUS one is removable, via a couple of spring-pin doodads, so you could easily upgrade it if you liked. It’s a trip, I’m tellin’ you. TNT2 is faster for some things, but Voodoo 3 is faster for most things, including Quake 2, and will probably still be faster by a small margin ahp Q2 v3.

File:Diamond Viper V770 Ultra Rev C label.jpg

At the time, there were no other TNT2 cards to compare the V dlamond, and the Voodoo3 drivers weren’t as mature as they are now. The V, like the earlier V reviewed here has only a plain heatsink, which is chunkier than the heatsinks on the other two cards but is unlikely to cool the chip as well in even very well ventilated computers, let alone the cable-packed undercooled sauna that is the average PC case.


I’ll have to do a Windows 98 SE reinstall to see if that was the case. I wholeheartedly approve of this approach; it may be less straightforward than including the games in the box, and it may be useless for Australians like me at present, but it means that people who really do want a cheap bundled ciamond or two can get them, without forcing the rest of the buyers to get the games too.

A lot of better projectors these days have VGA in, though, and most users xgp have a big enough TV, or enough tolerance of relatively-chunky graphics, to make video out diamohd for anything. Overclocking lets you wring a bit more speed out of your hardware, by running the chips faster. If you want video v7700, the ASUS card is the way to go – maybe the 16Mb version, to save a bit of money – but I don’t need it.

Diamond Viper V770 graphics card – TNT2 – 32 MB Series

If you consider the realism of a parallax-scrolled variable-transparency sky to be an important feature in your 3D card, I can only presume you spend a fair amount of time in your games staring at the sky. The local Voodoo 3 distributors here in Australia would appear to be importing cards one by one on Learjets.

The review is here. If you want to play old, Glide-only games, though, TNT2 is not for you. To repeat – it’s fine to buy a TNT2 card like the V, whose stock drivers are dodgy, and just use the Detonator drivers until the manufacturer comes up with something better.