Lisa on July 12, Since I got the drive with my computer, I have not been able to burn at 16x on any media without underrun errors. Luka on March 8, After I downloaded it, I did everything the same on introduction. Alex on December 25, Is there an updated driver or something?

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Can anybody tell me where to find the correct drivers for these please. Just by doing this everything will be solved.

The matter with this driver is a big lot of the firts “CD Recording Software” was wrong or bad archive. Carlosfandango on February 8, I have been unsuccessfull gde to download the driver from www.

Why is this while the ge cover says that the speed should be: I too have this horrible burner and it just stopped working all of the sudden. If you have any kind of doubt or this email has been helpfull for you, tell me something.


Changpei Yang on November 24, Patrick on July 30, How can i check if my computer is recognising it as a cd-writer and not as a cd-rom device? GuardianFlash on May 28, Plead send it by the e-mail at issakriaa yahoo.

Ronnie on May 2, Under properties on the drive, remove the check from Enable digital CD audio for this drive. Unlike most of the responses I have seen, my drive works, with the exception of being able to read a CD that has not been finalized, like the CD straight out of my camera. Lisa on July 12, I had purchased many programs a C-D Burner being one of them and dont know how to re-install them, as i dont have the disks to install them.

I have an internal Roxio 5.

Thank a lot, sorry for my english, I’m Italian. Code 41 ” HELP, please. When I do tests for reading data-CD, the very maximum of speed of reading data is 18x. 81600b driver may be corrupted or missing. Is there an updated driver or something?


HL-DT-ST GCEB resources and drivers

If it does then the next thing you have to do is to download, for example nero 5. Any ideas would be welcome. XP is designed to find every driver in the book. Lucia on November 23, It only reads but no writing.

Results from testing HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8160B

Artur on February 13, This is why Nero cannot find your drives. That stupid I know Elisabeth on August 9, Pam on June 4, If someone is able to help me I will be greatfull.

If anyone is having this issue, try the following steps to resolve it. Florin on November 25,