I did some tests and am posting the results here. The only thing I can’t find is related to why the battery might be causing so many problems. On my laptop, two ports on the left side appear to share a host bus while there are like a half dozen other usb hosts available but not used. Settings for NaP3 can be found on the NaP3 page. Dismiss Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. Improved sound quality compared to the USB.

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There is also a beta for Windows 7, and bit.

Your username or email address: I was able to hear an playing through a em-u amp to HD’s last week. Some have reported selecting XP Compatilibility mode, while others didn’t. ASIO settings come down to choosing latency and bit depth. Do you already have an account?

You will need to fine tune it after the initial setting. Note the funny connector for the Left channel line input. The whole combo had amazing synergy! The driver does not seem to have a graphical user interface, but works fine on my system with NaP3 for sampling rates up to K. That IRQ is just on that.


E-MU 0204 USB

Here is a wiring diagram of the E-MU Damn, They’ve Done it Again! On the EMU side, don’t use stereo plugs, as they can get hung up in the funny connector and damage it. Nov 4, aio 9: Emu needs to at least re-write the drivers before I can assio it to people for anything other than just listening use.

Share This Page Tweet. With the MME driver, latency should be set to 25ms. The project has a great deal of midi data and was created to max out the CPU to the point of hearing pops and crackles. If you are going to access the bios setting, locate for this option.

Nov 16, at 1: No, create an account now. Click on the recording device you are using, and then click on the Properties button. Click on the Levels tab abd set the recording level to 2.

E-MU 0204 USB: Damn, They’ve Done it Again! And for $129!!!

This driver is dated and is version 6. Perhaps these issues has its source in beta drivers, however E-MU doesn’t rush things too quickly.


It wouldn’t be that bad if the driver was stable, however there was some popping, losing sync and cracking on an Intel T based notebook. There’s also a small latency drift of 5 samples which equals 0. Preamps sound fine but you won’t be thrilled. Oct 29, at 2: So e-u chance of jamming with some tracks is that these tracks are also in your DAW.

To me the sounds just a bit different from It is wise to never power down the E-MU independently of the PC, since it will probably try to start back up with 48 kHz sampling rate.

ยป E-MU USB audio interface review

And opening any FX while Mixcraft is player causes a momentary tick or glitch. Because these wrapper things are usually not really bit perfect, let alone have the best low latency performance.

I also think the little soundcard inside my newest American DJ controller has way better bass than the regardless of headphone jack. Nov 1, at 5: