Concerned about waste, Martha Bratcher Customer since The insurance products on Insure. Her coverage as a teenage driver is a big fraction of my bill. Some states allow exclusions but impose limitations on their use. Insurance submitted 2 years ago by chucklehead

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Additionally, I would like GEICO to payback any consumer that requested a quote and was subsequently charged for services that they did not receive. What is the lifespan of a geico? For requests for financial help.

What is Quora’s policy? My back was hurting a bit and my neck injured.

My complaint is with the claims and excludwd. However, I only requested a quote. If your agent can’t clearly explain this, it’s time to switch to an independent with competent agents. So on your GE estimate is would have the breakdown for what labor should be in your area. See for yourself how vulnerable you are.

A non active driver would probably be someone of driving age, living in the same household as the actual policyholder swho is not covered under the terms of the policy contract. Insurance laws can be strange and non-intuitive, especially here in PA. The first, my insured was traveling on a main highway when he came to an intersection where a road crossed the highway.

This apparently is not well known, because the hospital demanded his health insurance card, but I would only give them the auto insurance card. If your policy has exclusions, your insurance company won’t accept any excuses for allowing excluded persons to drive.


My girlfriend has recently ran into this guys same problem with my youngest daughter she wanted a “quote” and they pulled the same BS with her. Geico says can’t drop a driver if lives in same household self. This is standard procedure with almost all insurance companies, you’ve probably just never encountered it before. Additionally, it is none of GEICO’s business as to what insurance company my son is insured under, unless I officially entered into a contractual agreement with GEICO to ensure my son, none of which I have consented to in writing or otherwise.

‘Excluded’ really means you’re excluded. No, seriously.

If they have other insurance then they are listed as such and not rated for. The work was minimal so the body shop didn’t require I pay the different but was going to attempt to litigate Geico for it. If an excluded individual drives the car and gets into an accident, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for the damage.

Otherwise, you may be excluded in the future should any claims arise while you are diving the vehicles in question. Search the federal tort claims act of and you will see exclluded act applies if the driver is operating their vehicle in the course of their employment.


Why is there a pig in the Geico commercial?

Geico – Geico policies and procedures! Review | Complaints Board

This would typically be yourself, your spouse, or your licensed children. I was going to get my own car insurance but our current policyholder, Geico, told my wife I couldn’t be dropped from our current policy since I’m in the same household. Either you did not give your shop a excludsd of the estimate and they did their own, or they ignored the estimate all together.

If you do not answer your phone or return your calls, we have to go off of what info was provided to us by others. We live in northern CA and the college is in northern CA about miles away. What is our Goal?

Took me 10 months I hate commercials for the most excuded and will FF through them but those I always stopped to watch the caveman ones. I switched to AAA and I had no problems with them so far.

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