Several factors can affect the print quality. Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Press the Clear pushbutton. Form Length will be displayed in upper left corner of LCD. The offline state allows more operations including menu functions.

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The ribbon deck must be in place seres all three thumbscrews must be tightened securely for printer operation. Activate this option only on RSC serial port. Complete the following steps for proper paper positioning. The use of a non-shielded interface cable with the referenced device is prohibited. Because our value to you is our priority, our line matrix printers offer the lowest cost per page print, while providing energy efficiency.

See “Setting Top of Form” in Chapter 3 for additional information.

Full text of “Genicom Series Quick Reference Guide”

Vert Expansion will now be displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD. Turn the paper gap adjust knob clockwise to the LOAD position. Maintenance will be displayed in the upper left corner of the display window and Reset to Deflts will genicon displayed in the lower right corner.

This option is a user-defined setting.

It is all right to continue using the printer if light or missing dots can be tolerated temporarily. Example To print prinyer data listings, the operator selects an 1 1-inch form at 6 lpi, with no top or bottom margins.


Genicom Series Manuals

Connect the equipment to an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Full Return grnicom retract the paper only the length of a line return as currently set for the printer. Avoid using AC circuits serving other equipment which may cause chronic low voltage, noise interference, or power fluctuations. If set to COL 1, the current print position will be the first position on line one of the next form.

Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to geniicom the emulation options. The next print position will be in column 1 and down 2 lines.

Genicom 5000 Series Manuals

The printer starts diagnostics and Startup shows on the display. The program prints the first page and advances the forms to the second page.

Turn the ribbon locking lever counterclockwise to the RUN position. In User Set mode the display switches to a format where the operator fenicom enter any value to 9 for any numeric position. Plot Data Line Format Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Define CR options. When Magnum Spaces is enabled, trailing spaces in strings are ignored.


Bottom Margin This menu option is used to setup the bottom margin. Cycle power after entries to activate changes. It will allow operations that are required to clear the fault condition s. The LCD will display the format selected from the control panel using the Format pushbutton.

Genicom 5000 Series 1800 LPM Printer

When using the Proprinter emulation, international character sets must be selected using escape sequences from the host. Genicoom the Select pushbutton to select one of these options. The printer genucom the page and is set to print at column 1, line 1 of the next page. See Figure If a left margin is desired, it is set electronically through either the control panel pushbuttons or a command sent by the host.

Use the following procedures for setting the right margin: Looking for a tech bargain real soon?

Press the On Line pushbutton on the control panel until “Local” is shown in the display. Depressing the right serkes arrow pushbutton changes the digit from