The browser supports inline SVG. JS Touch Events – restricted -. HTML Video – restricted -. JS Support Event Listener – restricted -. Hardware Mobile Device – restricted -.

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JS Modify Dom – restricted. The general group name of the operating system eg. The value is expressed in GB and the metric system is used for unit conversion e.

Samsung I6220 Star TV

Operators Fine grained device intelligence that can be used by BI and analytics teams. Is Mobile Phone – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Session Storage. The browser supports the canvas element. Chipset Name – restricted.

QCELP – restricted. Please try again or contact DeviceAtlas support.

JS Web Sockets – restricted. This is a property with the read-only access.

Usable Display Height – restricted. GPU Name – restricted. JS XHR – restricted. The device is a reading device. JS Device Orientation – restricted. This is the year that the device was released or announced Please login to add your opinion for this property.


Megapixels of the camera if the device has one. Supports Client Side – restricted. The device is a games console. Primary Hardware Type – restricted.

Samsung Lite Star TV (GT-I) | DeviceAtlas

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Device Orientation. The ability of the web browser to start a telephone call when a URI is defined with the protocol ‘tel’ followed by a telephone number e.

The device is capable of making VoLTE calls. HSDPA – restricted. Use the Data Explorer to explore and analyze DeviceAtlas data. JSR – restricted. There was a problem removing your opinion. Cookie – restricted. Image GIF89A – restricted. If the device was built around a Developer Platform, which version.

Celular Samsung Star Lite TV GT-I – video dailymotion

Advertising Enable granular device targeting of your campaigns. Device Name Device Vendor Samsung. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Geo Location. LTE Category – restricted.