The image on the right has Digital Vibrance turned on fully, the control panel doesn’t seem to change colour more just icons on the desktop and noticeably the woman in the picture above. Below you will see how strong a memory working speed can influence the overall performance. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. When reducing GPU frequency the overall performance fell just slightly. The time demo then runs as fast as the CPU and graphics card will allow.

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Now gforrce2 you have seen the card in question, lets see what it offers in the way of technical specs. The company concentrated their efforts on a new direction of video-subsystem for PC. There are a lot of myths and legends concerning Hercules, but one unforgettable image of this hero is a portrait of the Greek handsome athlete depicted naked.

The boards hecules the GeForce2 Pro class are equipped with a fast 5 ns memory capable of operating at MHz.

Hercules NVIDIA Geforce2 MX 32mb SDRAM VGA AGP 4x Video Card 3d Prophet II MX | eBay

Hercules, though, was still trying to surprise users with a non-standard approach to video card production. All this required additional expenses that’s why these cards cost higher than the competitors besides, Hercules always paid close attention to quality, and their cards were always at the level of well-known brands.

The experience says that the memory will allow to overclock maximum by 30 MHz, but on such boards we already obtained MHz.

With a hope to receive a considerable speed with such overclocking, we will show you how GPU frequency influences the overall performance, i. Now we are coming to consideration of one video card of this company. This doubles the texture fillrate per clock compared to the previous generation and is the reasoning behind the GeForce 2 GTS’s naming suffix: What was the best tech product of ? But the time was going, a pioneer in the video-subsystem field became a usual manufacturer of video cards based on the third companies’ chips.


Once again I should remind you: Below you will see gforec2 strong a memory working speed can influence the overall performance.

As I said previously the MX supports simultaneous output to a monitor and a TV, some of them support Dual monitor configuration as well small text display on the TV screen is rather flickery, and blurred but larger text is pretty acceptable on my 25″ Nicam TV. When reducing GPU frequency the overall performance fell just slightly. This is a an actual working frequency as well.

This card managed to reach MHz memory frequency, but in that case we saw some artifacts, that’s why I had to decrease the speed down to MHz, and during 22 hours of continuous testing we didn’t notice anything bad.

GeForce 2 series – Wikipedia

I fixed memory frequency at the highest possible herrcules overclocking and decreased GPU frequency in order to determine how much it would affect the performance of the whole system.

The TV output is reached through the standard Nvidia control panel, a few pictures below show the control panels.

I also installed the Hercules 3D Tweaker from the Hercules Install CD, this basically brings all the Nvidia coolbits settings into one little applet, the one thing I didn’t like was that it was a memory resident program that sits in your taskbar, this means it is a tiny bit faster to access, but for benchmarking I don’t want any unnecessary programs running in the back ground, so I stuck with the old favourite “Nvidia CoolBits” reg file available here.


The Ultra features a bigger round heatsink to get rid of the extra heat that a Mhz core produces, On the overclocking side I found that the older Nvidia reference drivers, didn’t allow as much overclocking at hdrcules, with driver set’s older than 6.

Hercules NVIDIA Geforce2 MX 32mb SDRAM VGA AGP 4x Video Card 3d Prophet II MX

bercules So well, a certain time ago, when computers were giants with tiny brains, one company decided to tread out their own path to the light future of today’s PC, and importance of this affair was marked in the name. Moreover, the company remained as a juridical person being as an independent subdivision of Guillemot in video card production.

Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Computer-related gvorce2 in GeForce Series Video cards. I can’t say that the card is widely-spread on the world market. This functionality is also present in GeForce but was unpublicized. Some say [ who?

Hardware museum

And today nearly all Guillemot’s video cards are released under the trademark Hercules. The old favourite benchmark 3DMark hercuules in all the usual resolutions.

That’s why further I will name Hercules as a manufacturer implying that this company and the trade mark belong to Guillemot. The following programs were used: Running Win98 SE and Via 4in 1 driver 4.

It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition.