Experience precise bit color in stunning 4K 2 resolution. A search found this on ebay http: Envizex a-series video troubles. Thu, 02 Nov These have only three thin wires Marked red, green, and blue Christian never touch a running system.

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Details on these monitors, including info for setting them up on Linux are at: Did this page answer your question? That is the highest resolution you can use with bit colour on a 2 meg card and I find it quite readable.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Report product content issues. By default, it just sees the primary monitor. If this doesnt work, I found an old paper, maybe it helps is attached as jpeg It seems as if the Terminal is set up for a monitor with sync on green.

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A reference on those is: For complete details, nonitor http: HP Z32 Sleek 4-sided micro-edge bezel. A search found this on ebay http: You’re editing your doc on one screen while the other displays the application, or the spec, c2746z the SME’s email comments, or a browser’s view of your HTML, or The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.


Other monitors might not behave so well. We use HP aa and ca.

If not, give our search a try: Experience precise bit color in stunning 4K 2 resolution. The HP Pixel Policy allows no bright sub-pixel defects for this display. C2746w 10 minutes total work.

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They won’t work as primary monitor on a PC barring expensive adapters or clever tricks because they only run at one set of frequencies or a limited range. Fixed-frequency monitors are usually dirt cheap.

If you try a resoution it can’t handle e. PC monitors are typically “multi-sync”, able to run at a range of signal frequencies. Select the size, resolution and connectivity to fit the way you work.

Share it with friends and colleagues: This is so useful and was so cheap I’ll likely add a third one soon. I picked up an Envizex a-series X term at a surplus yp and I cannot find a monitor it likes. I have a lot of spare parts around.


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HP Z27 Picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture. I’ve searched around the net and haven’t found any useful info. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. The X terminal is now in factory default mode.

There are a lot of big monitors off various old Unix boxes on the surplus market. Quite few systems — Macs back to days, Win 98, I think recent versions of NT, various Unices — support multiple monitors.


I don’t yet know if I can get the multi-screen stuff in Linux. Since they’re huge, cheap, and high-quality, this is useful.

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