Make sure print cartridges have not been tampered with. Load Originals Chapter 2 continued Available Description Available when entering symbols When auto-dialing, W causes the device Speed-dial numbers and fax or to wait for a dial tone before continuing to phone numbers dial. Let HP identify any out-of-date or missing drivers and software. Product sold without warranty: Operation is subject to the following Manage the device Supported print cartridges.

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Fax with a distinctive ring service on the same line If you subscribe to a distinctive offivejet service through your telephone company that allows you to have multiple phone numbers on one phone line, each with a different ring pattern, set up the device as described in this section.

Shows estimated ink level for offiicejet cartridge. Clean the area around the ink nozzles only if you continue to see streaks and smudges on your printed pages after you have already cleaned the print cartridges by using the control panel or the software you installed with the HP All-in- One.

Solve scan problems If the n5500 topics do not help, see Support and warranty for information about HP support. You can purchase a coupler at an electronics store that carries phone accessories.

Toolbox tabs The Toolbox contains the following tabs. To determine the best way to set up the device in your home or office, first read through the questions in this section and record your answers. Color documents that have rich, blended colors can wrinkle or smear when printed using the Best print quality.


If you have more than one HP device installed, select the tab with your product’s name. Refilling processes and the use of incompatible inks can disrupt the intricate printing system and result in reduced print quality and damage to the device.

You can also check the ink levels by using the Printer Toolbox available through the HP Photosmart Software on your computer or through the Print Properties dialog box on your computer.

Page 77 – Case E: HP support by phone This section contains the following topics: Presents a list of destinations; for example, HP photo and imaging software. Depending how long the device is unplugged, the date and time might be erased. You can also rotate the image using the HP Photosmart Software. Chapter 7 Case D: Since your computer modem shares the phone line with the device, you cannot use both your modem and the device simultaneously.

HP Officejet J5508 User Manual

Turn the HP All-in-One on or off. For example, the letters a, b, and c correspond to the number all-in-onee, as shown on the button below. This page requires Javascript. To Enter Text To enter text 1. Move the device away from the source of the electromagnetic fields.

Make sure to read and answer the following questions in the order they are presented. Press the keypad numbers that correspond to the letters of a name.

This feature is not supported if you load your originals on the glass. The serial number provided does not match the previously selected product.


To send a fax manually from a phone 1.


Set up faxing for the device If the problem persists, the firewall is not the source of the communication problem. Place the print cartridges in an airtight plastic container so they will not dry out, and put them aside. HP does not guarantee or support refilled print cartridges.

For example, you cannot use the device for faxing while you are using your officeket modem to send an e-mail or access the Internet. Index fax dial tone test failed fax hardware test failed vertical stripes on copies, fax line test failed troubleshoot fax phone cord connection view test failed speed-dial entries 29 fax phone cord type test voice mail failed set up with fax parallel fax tests To set up the device with DSL 1. Page send faxes 42 dial-up modem send scans to programs 39 shared with fax parallel faded copies settings, change 12 phone systems 75 faded stripes on copies, copy shared with fax and troubleshoot button 10 answering machine fast copy quality 34 cancel 37 parallel phone sy enhance light areas