If not, can you direct me to instructions on how to submit documentation? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. This register controls the Mono output volume and mute bit. Somewhere on the order of 10 times normal. But set it to nullaudio. I don’t think there’s any problems with the device emulating what it claims to be.

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For average home use, there shouldn’t really be a noticeable difference. Everywhere above, I spoke about Win32, you’ve not read it. Are read-write access to registers effectively altering the contents of other related registers? On Thu, Aug 20, at 9: I ac79 a mainframe programmer so I understand parts of this but not familiar with coding and debugging on this platform. Oh well, I’ll try once again when OSS build is released.


I was able to install the Realtek AC97 drivers successfully, and from within the guest, sound appears to be working and the green bar is moving as if sound is being output. Tried in Windows 7 32bit and 64bit guests. First off sound is the least performance intensive element of the OS. Slots 1, 2 and 12 are used for non-audio data, while slots 3—11 carry up to nine channels of raw pulse-code modulation PCM audio signals.


The following is contents from the Virtualbox User Manual I have at my disposal regarding the customizable Audio Selection options: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. All hardware has bugs; the ones you listed don’t seem that extraordinary.

Could you please also share your other settings number of cores, execution cap etc that provided you fine sound because those seems to affect it too? This is just the first step, not the final solution. I am sure there is differences and there is something going wrong in the ones that are failing.

This register controls the output from 0 dB to a maximum attenuation of The driver work in most situations, but there are problems when too many VMs trying to use sound. On Fri, Aug 21, at 7: This is what Microsoft apparently did in VirtualPC and it works very well.

What does the reference to Dell mean? Qc97 so, I assume you want all of the ca97 logs so you can see from installation to last boot? Off priority 0, available: Another question is the observation made about Dell. So here is the difficulties I am facing. And I still don’t have any sound in a Windows 7 guest 32bit or 64bitor Windows XP guest 32bit onlyor Windows Vista guest 32 bit or 64bit ; I only get sound in a Linux guest. I do not expect to have to supply or know details about my specific hardware other than gross features like memory allocations, number of processors and similar things.


HD Audio or AC97 connector – Which to use when, and what’s the difference? – Super User

Attempting to attached two zip files. ICH6 is not only hard disk controller, but whole chipset specification.

I did not say that this was the same driver to use in Windows. Please note, prior to the aforementioned reallocation of CPU’s and ac79 caps, I had also tried this driver change, and it did not remotely eliminate the stutter. It plays the audio files I have but no sound comes from the speakers.

Have you installed the VirtualBox guest additions?

Sound in VirtualBox from MacOS X Host

Installed on 1 days ago InstallationMedia: I will be adding emphasis. They are usually small square chips with 48 pins pin QFP package. What’s the difference between these cables, and when do i know what to use?