I just took it back and got the Logitech MX even though it’s not bluetooth I do wish it was bluetooth though. The two thumb buttons don’t show up in the microsoft system preference pane. October 10, 9: Works great with my iBook.

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Microsoft Releases IntelliMouse Drivers For OS X

A click on the wheel acts as a command click in Safari, but isn’t actually one doesn’t work in Finder or Exploter. I just got one of these and while I can get it to work in a basic way I can not get any of the special features to work at all.

The two thumb buttons don’t show up in the microsoft system preference pane.

October 20, 8: Reply 14 of Mine hangs on trying to pair with the computer. I have been using a Microsoft bluetooth mouse with my Bluetooth enabled G5 tower for 6 Months.

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Aircft, can you get the lntellimouse thumb buttons to work or find where to program them? I still can’t get the mouse to pair and would also like to use the two thumb buttons but can’t find where to program them and they don’t work. September 12, OS X apparently doesn’t recognize the bluetooth module that comes with it.


Another Bluetooth mouse, that everyone forgets about is this Reply 10 of Are you using Panther If it doesn’t have to be bluetooth, get the Logitech MX You can download Intellipoint 5. Reply 15 of I will probably end up with one of the ones menitoned.

I was actually looking for the ‘back’ button under the thumb for web intellimousee.

How many buttons do you really need? Does using the new ms intellistuff help at all? I’ve been trying to sell this mouse to maybe try out the Logitech Bluetooth mouse, which I hope will have better tracking.

Sun Jan 02, 5: If I try the Bluetooth discovery it just hangs trying to pair as I said above.

Software Downloads: Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer

The ones which work perfectly and are easy to set up are an older model. The laser is very accurate. Also, you must be sure that your mouse isn’t too close to your computer’s transmitter while you pair it with the OS. I use the dongle that comes with it with no problems.


Two Bluetooth tranmitters fight for one mouse. Anyone know if there is a way around passkey portion of bluetooth assistant setup? The Great Wen Registered: I know, there are plenty of others out there. I ezplorer it work for half and hour. Anyone know of a way to disable this? I would say it doesn’t help.