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Anyways, I’ve found that I get the best results with the latency set to the highest level in the Juli control panel One last thing to check, it is a pure long shot. I like this type of install. Going less than results in really bad clipping and popping, not sure why though Post 8 of

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I have no clicks, asko, dropouts and no crashes! Number of simultaneous VST plug-in load is 1 That does look like a pretty long list of limitations, but as [email protected] may notice, the ability to save a song is not disabled, meaning, even without some of those more advanced features, the application is fully capable of recording and producing songs of up to 10 tracks, giving the user a taste of hard disk recording with their new sound card.

Why doesn’t Cubase honor my [email protected] ASIO latency? –

Just for good measure they also tossed in an optical output. I now use Vista[64bit], this has not got the K-mixer of XP.

Are any other [email protected] cards listed in the Sonar’s audio options driver dialog? It does have a limited user base due to the 2 in two out analog format, as some users want 4 or more ins and outs to record more instruments simultaneously, however, for the one-man band situation, or a studio that does primarily post-production work this card has all the goodies.


I’m not sure how I can disable DirectWire. Until now, I have not had the luck to have a card that had WDM drivers that would even come close to the latency and performance of ASIO, but these were nose-to-nose at Thanks for letting me know.

Well try using the first ones on the disk.

As soon as you can I would call tech support for your card and see if they can help. I can say one [email protected] for sure Then get rid of the aud. It seems like it works, though Foobar’s volume slider still works. I just switched off the onboard sound and reinstalled the Juli driver.

Anyhow, I’ll up the Juli buffer to samples and see if that rids me of stuttering.

[email protected] with ASIO in Foobar2000

User Control Panel Asii out. If you can get it to work with Media player then you should be good to go. I’ve added a special workaround for this scenario in foobar 0. View More Photo Galleries.

ESI [email protected] + Foobar + ASIO output = Crash

I opened the system audio settings. Is there anything more computerwise that I should do? Discussion in aaio Computer Audio ‘ started by slowpogoNov 25, Who is online Users browsing this forum: Nov 25, at 1: I did however try the WDM drivers just for the purpose of asii review and actually, the results to me put WDM a little bit higher on my list of acceptable driver types.


I think this is the driver anyway. Very stable so far and seems to be more efficient with resources.

This is hardly a deal-killer either, [email protected] another minor habit to break, and I also hope that this issue will be resolved in a future driver update.

Post 9 of Trying to play my FM8 when recording in Cubase becomes completely unbearable.

What I am looking for is an onboard sound card built into the mother board. Many cards int his price range have 5. Kudos to ESI for that vision, I think it has yet to be noticed exactly how much that single feature could increase the user base of the product. Foobar versions covered 0.