You really do have a restricted area around that south socket edge. The system will not soft reset from software or the BIOS either. This is primary a test of graphics performance, but it also stresses the CPU and memory bandwidth of the system and is still a useful tool for comparing performance of systems on the same motherboard and the same clock speed and same graphics chipset. It posts a good score, edging up on the 1. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. So all in all, a decent layout with tiny niggles that may not affect everyone, depending on case and device placement. In this case, the RAID connectors for the HPT are the culprits with the floppy connector the worst, being the lowest down and also at 90 degrees.

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The extra 27 MHz on the memory speed and front side bus will give a handy increase in memory bandwidth, approaching the 2.

Introduction This content was originally featured on Amdmb. A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? The actively cooled northbridge is becoming routine and expected so no surprises there. This board is no exception. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

Click to find out more. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Lastly on my list eaid layout niggles is the Rair connector being at 90 degrees to the top horizontal edge. Overall, the upgrade and switch to DDR was cost effective and relatively painless and the performance increase is most welcome. Some color changes and flaws may appear. Is it overclockable at all? So, to conclude the testing at 1.


A minor issue, but one not present on the IWill. Looking at the EV6 bus like this, let us see just how well the AMD seventh generation platform has scaled. Running at x 9.

You can adjust the CPU core voltages from 1. As raud can see, the memory bandwidth of the board is particularly impressive.

Abit KG7-RAID AMD 760 Motherboard Review

Provisional thumbs up ,g7 Abit on this one, as long as they solve the boot issues! Abit boards are generally considered motherboards rakd the enthusiast, for faid or she who likes to extract some free performance via overclocking and tweaking. You really do have a restricted area around that south socket edge. This system can take up to 10 minutes and lots of work with the reset switch to bring it to life. So, what about the KG7-RAID as a whole, taking into consideration features, layout, initial performance out of the box and subsequent performance when overclocked and tweaked?

I do have one sore point with the board however, despite the features and performance which are first rate. The placement of 5 huge capacitors on the south edge of the socket may put some people with large kkg7 off from purchasing the board. Can the KG7 motherboards compete with the new competition that has been thrown in the AMD marketplace since the boards initial launch? There are a total of six PCI slots.


MOBOT: Motherboard Manuals Abit KG7-RAID

What was the best tech product of ? A quick bit of wheeler dealing and I found myself in the possession of a new week 31 chip. Here are the board specs: Admittedly, the board isn’t exactly new as of this review, but having been extremely busy with the KTA launches and with some delays getting a sample out of Taiwan, it is here as quickly as possible.

Am I happy with the new performance?

The MP with its data prefetch unit and other core enhancements when compared to Thunderbird is able to show a good turn of speed, even at stock speed. This actually contradicts the past where ABIT has usually been among the first to use a new chipset.

I have to say real world performance has increased too.