I am a little bit concern about the size of the SC3. The SX model image right is an 8. See this news item for images and export pricing info from Japan. As a notebook you just have to giggle every time you look at it. Optional double capacity battery. Take a look over there for a second opinion.

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But when will Kohjinsha supply XP drivers? Posted on 23 June by Chippy. You could probably install it directly from here as well: It reminds me of the SH6 and even the Amtek T Kohjinsha SC3 Specifications, images and news. And on to Vista. kohjinzha

Go to any coffee shop, and try to use your UMPC while sitting in one of the comfy chairs which provide you with no stable support for your computer even on your lap, forcing you to use your UMPC in your hands. Windows take noticeably longer to open than on my Q1 Ultra with XP and starting up Firefox for the first time can be a second wait which, when you do it as much as I do, becomes annoying.


Kohjinsha SC3 UMPC. First impressions.

Live images of Kohjinsha SC3. Anything less is pointless in getting any valid work done. Why spend much money on such a small device if you end up searching for an power outlet? My question now is how x; or how poorly has the keyboard double-mapping been implemented on the Kojinsha SC3.

Available in White and Black. Looks like Kohjinsha could have hit a home run with this, but ended up hitting a bloop single. Acer Aspire E11 ES1 I seem to recall the forum had quite a few unhappy posts.

Why is it that its no more efficient than devices I was testing 2. Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops.

Please also let us know how you get on — any info on where you find drivers would be very useful…. Kohjinzha Ideapad Flex Top marks for build quality.

Intel really seemed to drop the ball here as they chip appears to almost never get used properly. It used to be 2 hours and after six months degenerated to 10 or so minutes.

Has there been any improvement in the instability you and others had originally? HP Chromebook 11 G3. If the touchscreen is heavy, it might make a nice mobile tablet solution for inkers.


Panasonic quotes that their z device with dual mAh batteries will last you 9 hours.

Kohjinsha takes Silverthorne Option for New SX and SC models.

But is is going to add wait and make it a less desirable form factor. A good balance between mobility and productivity. Even so, you will love experimenting with the multitude of ways that it can be used. How to survive with 32 GB.

HP Elitebook G2. Why spending that money on an ultra laptop which even browsing the web is so difficult because everything is tiny?

Kohjinsha takes Silverthorne Option for New SX and SC models.

All it needed was a clean in the end. The tablet functionality works better and it is more responsive.

How to survive with 32 GB.