Gary Bettan September 1st, , Avid Xpress Pro 4. If I unplug the Ethernet cable to switch to Wireless it crash and I have to do the restauration all over again. Andres Bant September 17th, , Richard Alvarez September 28th, , I don’t have a Mojo Premiere Pro recognizes my camera and I am able to control the camera like a deck, but I usually get errors when I try to capture.

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Been to the Avid forms. I would like to and will try to solve this problem though as i’d like to capture with Avid if i can. But check your window settings first, and make sure your audio is enabled.

m-740k If you really want to stick with a laptop I suggest you pop a 1gb chip into your open memory slot on your 15″ powerbook.

Max OS X Matrox is a paper tiger imho.

As long as they keep providing the product, the market will remain theirs. Includes integrated graphics and port I called Lanshsre and asked them about this model.


Firstly to do with the Capture problem, there is no error message as such, it just states that there is no deck available, and no signal present.

Richard Alvarez September 24th, Then came Windows 7 and I got problems with crashing at boot during many months with the 3. If it’s possible, I don’t know enough technical settings it needs.

Sean Glenn Chan November 12th, RTFM first, and do a search lansbare posting questions. Just the basic interface and some transistions. No help, I know Actually, I can use them from my wireless laptop by sharing disk from another wired computer.

Any help would be appreciated. I know I can export a mov.

NDAS Ximeta/IOCellNetworks Driver on Windows 10 problem…

My new Dell is a 3. In reply to brianthesnail’s post on December 12, Matt Brabender October 5th, Try searching google, and the avid-l mailing list or other avid resources i.

The Ximeta company was founded in Its price point puts it up against Liquid Edition 6 and Sony Vegas, which on paper offer more bang for the buck. I don’t remember seeing any Sound Card requirments on Avid’s website for Avid Xpress DV, as i based my new PC purchases based upon the stated requirments, which is why i hoped it would work!


Nicholas Bartleet October 22nd, Hence JVCs interest in ours not working I think.

Lan Share USB / RJ45 Alum Ext Case, MEK

Richard, You’r not alone. Sean, Never run a deck that remote. Check systems specs for soundcard recomendations. John Hartney July 28th, Avid just released version 5.

Cuz it’s really even a bit over what I planned to spend. You export your QT reference lanshzre to your compression software.