And thanks for replying here to my post. The Lenovo T has a built firewire port. Haven’t tested the latency, I don’t really use it for music. Hotkeys See Audio above for notes related to the volume and mute keys. I think neither of those is better than the alternative, which is to disable the device driver when not needed. Drivers tend to crash if it is hot-removed. T – Choose to drain external battery first [Feature Request].

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Or maybe it does? X works fine out of the box with the intel driver package xserver-xorg-video-intel. Using the installer’s ntfsresize left the Windows partition unbootable, with an “unmountable boot volume” error.

Our commitment to the environment Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. I dicoh you might mean Ideapad?

Windows 7 was a bit lenovvo for me. Thanks, I will try it. System Summary lspci This laptop is also used for my day job, so any tweaks that were done are at a minimum.

T/T – Firewire chipset brand? – Thinkpads Forum

leonvo In these forums we have addressed these issues many times. Many thanks for your feedback guys! I have recorded audio for over 1 hr several times with this rig and rioch with no problems. I think neither of those is better than the alternative, which is to disable the device driver when not needed.


The only thing I can think of is to try even older drivers like from here: I just needed a solid external sound card. I checked out the tech specs on Lenovo’s site and I have a couple questions for you or anyone else reading this.

Why I am switching from Lenovo/Ricoh SD card driver eating 25% of CPU – Lenovo Community

Central New Jersey Offline. This message was edited 1 time. You should be alright buying this notebook. I really wish they would state this in their specs!!

Overall Status

So perhaps the solution is to switch to Apple, or Microsoft laptops, to achieve better integration between hardware and software.

Unfortunately you have to DI your own homework and try to find one that meets the need and has the proper hardware. Integrated, for Intel Mobile 4 Series 2.

The laptop does not have a separate PC speaker, this functionality is also provided by the soundcard. Nope, that version didn’t work either. These are mostly insane ramblings of a poor aircraft mechanic who can, strangely enough, still hear. Windows 7 complained the drivers were unsigned on my machine and I don’t know if they even fix the issue. My advice and suggestions should never be considered advice or suggestions.


My T CTO seems to be dead all of rcoh sudden. The Air Force rlcoh let me have a suit with a zipper This seems to work fine out of the box with the hdapsd and appropriate tp-smapi-modules packages installed but I haven’t dropped my laptop to test it.

[SOLVED] Lenovo – Built-in webcam camera not working (Windows 10)

We have two T’s in my household rlcoh Ts’s and at least three have developed this problem. The problem with creating a list of computers is that they are constantly changing hardware in them. Make sure you have a good return capability from the place you want to buy it just to be safe.

As an amateur, I didn’t know the most efficient route to diagnosing it. I think the IdeaPad rickh has an expresscard slot – which I think causes no problems.