Not sure if these values are necessary under special conditions they had to be removed from the. When i try using lircd -n and irw, it crashes and i get this output from lircd -n: The configuration file generated this way is a starting point. Text on this page is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. If it works this way, it should also work using lircd. This should list a single entry rc0.

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However, lircd-uinput dev/inpuh all events unless blocked by the –disabled option. You should replace all non-standard definitions with standard key symbols where it’s possible. Use this instead in the -c option to let lirc-config-tool make it’s work. It must also use standard key symbols from the namespaceii as described above.

There is some more info on this in Appendix Copy the part between. Usually the default kernel serial port driver grabs all ports it auto-detects as soon as it is loaded and the LIRC modules won’t be able to use any of them. This can be handled using sudo, giving the user running irexec right to run specific commands otherwise requiring root permission. That way you don’t have to give any parameters to the module as they are selected internally depending on the information the bttv module gives us.


The code is ordinary shell commands.


The kernel loads the appropriate driver for most modern, USB-based using udev hotplugging – as soon as the device is connected the corresponding kernel module is loaded.

This means that you should pay attention that your TV card is detected correctly by bttv, as can be checked using dmesg 1. For further tweaking it is necessary to edit the Keyboard. If it starts to print out cev/input codes dev/in;ut key symbols everything is fine.

Can you please test with Jaunty? If you find a device here which looks like your device, ljrc where it’s linked:.

For practical scenarios say remotes this shouldn’t really be a problem on modern hardware.

Bug # “No “/dev/input/event*” gets created for IR” : Bugs : lirc package : Ubuntu

However, in complicated cases like these you might be better off creating a fixed device name using a udev rule. If it still doesn’t work, have a look at this site or ask on the forums. After having configured lirc, you might want to run irexec 1. Some aspects on running as a non-root user is described in Appendix When i use older 2. Note that this is not persistent, you need to do this after each boot.

First you have to download and install Lirc. After installation you should be able to start the the lircd daemon using something like:. Retrieved from ” http: So now that you configured lirc and irw gives the expected output, it’s time to let lirc talk to Kodi.


At that time the focus of the project was to provide an infrared solution that was both very cheap and easy to assemble.

Some links to build such:. A large repository of known remote controls are available at http: Sign up using Email and Password.

The ubuntu-kernel-team is being unassigned from this bug report. Another method is to boot the system without the usb device connected, and do a lsmod.

HOW-TO:Set up an MCE remote control in Linux

Each instance must have unique –device–output and –pidfile options. Conflicting kernel drivers must be blacklisted. LIRC can be run together with the kernel in different ways.

Some of the remote configuration files on sourceforge are seriously out of date.