Little sucker is sturdy too. Microsoft’s page for the Wheel Mouse Optical. Now works with Windows!!! Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare. It’s a bit slimmer than the old Explorer – which doesn’t feel as chunky as it looks, but which is still a large mouse.

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Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical – Overclockers Australia

I like the fact that the main buttons are now slightly concave. See, I, like many other enthusiast gamers, am a complete idiot.

Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare. There are obvious advantages that come with optical mice when compared to ball mice.

Hackish English usage prefers irregular plurals because they’re entertaining, so “mice” is often used by IT gurus. Aside from the “Version 3. The color variation on your choice of mousing surface causes these lasers to be picked up by the sensors at varying levels of intensity, and this is how the movement is tracked.

But now, dual optical in hand, I found myself with another course of action Unless you’re accustomed to something really peculiar, there’s no learning curve involved mouzeman getting comfortable with this mouse.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse Series

Personally, I prefer “mouses” when I’m talking about the computer peripheral, and “mice” when talking about the animals of which my overweight cat manages to catch about one a year. Let’s start with the simple mouse. Oh, and on their page for itLogitech go on to say that the dual sensor mouse is “designed for real logtech. If you have to use your mouse on non-optimal surfaces – the top of a somewhat shiny equipment case, your leg, carpet – then the dual sensor MouseMan seems to stand the best chance of keeping your pointer on track.


Well, unless you cheat, duwl. Fellow PC editor Dan “My logietch alcoholism is only outshone by my unsettling use of profanity” Adams came by and swiped it. But while the additional sensor does create a noticeable upping of smoothness, if you already have a reasonably decent optical mouse, such as Moseman own previous in the line, then an upgrade is not an absolute must but rather a guilty pleasure.

Little sucker is sturdy too. It’s an ergonomic oval, carved exclusively for the right-handed no southpaw respect hereand isn’t nearly as bulky or high off the ground as the original Mouseman Optical was.

The texture has the added bonus of making clicking the wheel without rolling it less of a chore. Case in pptical, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on my home system not too long ago.

But then who really does? Most people won’t notice the problem in real life.

You’re such a crack up. So let’s get freaky. The price tag won’t cause your imported mail order Russian bride pause to grant you permission on, but it’ll still take an unnecessary chunk out of that GeForce 3 Titanium budget stashed in your cookie jar.


The difference between the Explorers is a subtle one, though.

Inside, the circuit board is understandably somewhat congested. People like me who use a mouse for many hours a day may manage to wear out an optical mouse inside a year, but only by breaking conductors in the cable through repeated bending, or similar relatively far-fetched means. This is experienced when the player slides the mouse across the surface too quickly for the mouse to process. But really, all three of these mouses are winners. These optical mouses don’t get dirty, they work on uneven surfaces, they’re lighter, and they’re not painfully expensive, either.

I, like always, was duual hard and minding my own business, happy to be at my cubical caressing my strawberry spread bagels when, BAM!!! I’m a stickler for the drivers. It’s an absolute must for the enthusiast gamer and avid artist alike.

Optical does away with all of these disadvantages, and even expands mousing capabilities in all the right ways. You can make basic elegant models that don’t cost too much, have no fantabulous features, but appeal to mainstream users with old ball mouses, and tempt them to upgrade. But why would you want to even install the software in the first place?