Mayflash releases a new product. Last edited by a moderator: Long USB cable makes up for short length of controller cords allowing for more reach. You can remedy this by getting a classic controller pro though it has the cable out the top side, and also adds the 2nd shoulder buttons and the grips. I only wish it weren’t this pricy.

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Its designed that way because you would normally have the wiimote in your lap.

All buttons, D-pads, and analog sticks are recognizable in Windows Gamepad wij. Here is the real kicker, both analog sticks work as full analog.

MAYFLASH PC Wii Classic Controller Adapter for PC USB | eBay

The only flaw I see with this device is not the device itself, but the classic controllers, having the cable come out of the bottom of the controller is not very good feeling in my hands. Get informed when this item is in stock by using our Personal Agent from the right. Does it really work with 2 players? I was very skeptical about just how well it would work and if it was needed for anything.

I have not tried yet but with the fully functional axis this should also make a very good stand in N64 controller as well. Facil de usar El adaptador es facil de utilizar y funciona sin problema.


I am really impressed. There is one caveat that might seem obvious to some, though. Aero 15x Review PatrickDec 20,in forum: Perfecto si quieres utilizar tu control Pro de Wii U en Switch.

A very fast install from a mini disk later and now my hsb tab in the Windows gamepad area suddenly transformed into a full fledged gamepad setup window. The total cost to you is higher if you actually have to buy a classic controller as well, but if you have one or two already because you have a cnotroller then this is a cheap way to upgrade those mayflxsh to have a lot more use. Hope the review was a good read for you guys, feel free to comment and stuff.

Your name or email address: The USB cable is about 6ft long to compensate for the short length of cable the classic controller has and the unit itself is incredibly light. Value for price paid: Patrick Dec 20, From Mayflash Wii Classic Controller Adapter In both mode its an analog axis but when fully pressed it activates wii digital button, pretty neat. My Thinkpad P72 review bobbieDec 22,in forum: Mayflash releases a new product.


Play Asia and the stick logo are trademarks of Play-Asia. DaveyW Dec 28, at Just plug a controller into the adapter and then plug it into a usb port.

This pretty much means compatibility with any game or program. NM, I see the screenshot where you assign them as sliders.

Wii Classic Controller Adapter for PC USB

Plug in a 2nd controller, and “beep” a new HID device installs. The only way to get analog control was with a old old program called PPJoy and its an old 16bit asapter so it did not work under any 64bit operating systems.

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MAYFLASH Wii Classic Controller Adapter For PC (PC052)

But I can tell you know the product works and was worth every penny. The analog triggers aren’t seen as axes? Sure enough check the Windows Device Manager and I see three devices listed.