However, with powerful graphics and impressive connectivity, it is excellent value for money, and if you’re seeking a gaming laptop, this is the one for you. The mouse pointer can be precisely controlled by the 7. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Most other laptops of this class are clearly quieter though. It’s as easy and trouble-free as attaching an external computer screen. Looking closer this MSI notebook has also other qualities For Well made Good gaming performance Nice price Well connected.

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The fine WUXGA-Display is 17 inch big, non-reflecting, and able to brilliantly interpolate other resolutions for games.

Because of Bluetooth wireless transmission capability, you can also create a high quality digital living space all around. The interface equipment consist of unfortunately only three USB portsFirewireand a memory card reader at its front side. Those who like jump and run games won’t be pleased by shrunk cursor keys too. Do you have laptop spare parts or electronic components which will be of interest to Customers of PcHub. The GX guarantees to enable the enthusiasts to experience the thrill and excitement of movies, music, games, and TV in stunning sound.


Everyday performance turned out to be slightly disappointing, with the MSI’s entry-level Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor struggling with our benchmarks.

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Against Disappointing performance Squashed keyboard. Email id required Email id not in correct format. Their sound is surprisingly good in computer games: The sound via the integrated speakers or via the headset is able to compensate the turbine like noise of the fan to some extent.

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However, contrast ratio, brilliance of colours, and luminance are below-average. Know more about PcHub.

Give your E-mail id, we’ll inform you when we receive the stock. So, overall the sound is somewhat blurred. Fingerprints and dust almost stick to the shiny black plastic surface and it’s merely a matter of time until there are some small scratches if you carry it frequently. The high resolution of x pixels WUXGA bluetotoh uncommonly fine and it comes with a matt surface which is totally remarkable considering the GX is designed for gaming and multimedia.

Email id is not in correct format. So, you’ll surely recognize it even from a distance. The knapsack is sufficiently big for everything needed at the nearest LAN party. First of all you’ll notice the big log on its back The sound system consists of four speakers and a small sub-woofer.


MSI GX (MS) Bluetooth Module MS D, D

A powerful 80 Wh battery makes a runtime of up to four hours possible. This is probably because its hardly possible to cool a more powerful chip inside the specially slim case – a compromise to the look.

Countries Shipped We have shipped to over Countries worldwide since Loudness If you are very sensible to noisesyou won’t be happy with this notebook. Even when applying bluetpoth some force at the outside, the whole lid deflects, so, the sensible LCD is not well protected. Please, switch off ad blockers. It’s an original AC adapter.

The sub-woofer is not bluetotoh to compensate the weaknesses regarding middle and high tones of the four stereo speakers. Sell your Spare Parts on PcHub.

If you carry the notebook in the knapsack, you should, therefore, especially take care that nothing heavy, e. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. The maximum was