In walks the mimo, it’s a usb connected display, we found drivers for it here. Thank you for putting this Thank you for putting this up. Once I had these, the script worked great! I KNOW someone out there can get it working! Mine came with just the one cord.

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We’ve tried the Kodak EX in the past with limited success, we used mediatomb to control the kodak, but wheneverthe wireless network had problems or the kodak got confused, it would just go to a blank screen, hardly useful.

I’ve compiled a “latest and greatest” kernel and modules from the 3.

I’m looking for the original source, I found a few files and posted them to the src dir, I’ll make a new tar as soon as I oinux Thanks for everyone’s help. Mimo S Touchscreen Fri Mar 01, Here’s my log file. Mimo S Touchscreen Thu Feb 28, 6: I’m wondering if there’s a revision difference or something.


I am kind of curious, did your mimo come with 2 cables or just one? You can extend your X desktop onto the screen using the supplied drivers, but we only wanted to display one image at a time on the screen.

Ours is athe touchscreen is a Mimo S Touchscreen Sun Feb 24, I have no idea what they are trying to explain to do but it’s something pointing at what we are seeing.

I sent an email to cancel the chalkboard screen I ordered, so we’ll see if it has been shipped yet, but here’s to hoping Jake has found the solution for me and others!!! I got the flow sensors working the other day: Mimo S Touchscreen Mon Feb 18, 5: Mine came with just the one cord.

[all variants] Nanovision Mimo 7″ USB Monitor

That is, if I’m ever home long enough to finish it. Mimo S Touchscreen Fri Feb 15, 8: Can you show the lsusb mumo with this display plugged in? I was hoping a last ditch effort might pay off. I figured out that I needed to install the following packages: The diff –git is throwing an error.


using a mimo um-710 on linux (displaylink) with udlfb driver

You wrote files plural — can you let me know the URL of the src dir where you posted the others? Mimo S Touchscreen Mon Feb 18, 6: Mimo S Touchscreen Fri Feb 15, Adding extended input device nanovisioon type: Can you simply connect it to a 5V bench or otherwise supply at that point and see if it works?

That’s all I know. Thank you for putting this Thank you for putting this up. Mimo S Touchscreen Mon Feb 18, 7: Select all sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade. And don’t forget to report any successes! Last edited by philharlow on Thu Feb 28, 9: I looked up some Qt5 videos and it looks pretty cool.